5.6. User.ShareFile: Create a secure file share invitation

ShareFile(filename string, recipient string) (accessToken UUID, err error)

Shares the given file with the given recipient by creating a secure file share invitation that immediately grants the recipient permission to access the given file and take the actions detailed in Sharing and Revoking #1.

The recipient is considered to have access to the file even if they choose not to use the secure file share invitation to receive the file into their personal file namespace.

The returned accessToken must be the UUID storage key at which the secure file share invitation is stored in the Datastore.

You may assume this function will only be called in a way that creates a valid sharing tree (see Sharing and Revoking).

Returns an error if:

  • the given file does not exist in the caller’s personal file namespace; or

  • sharing cannot complete due to any malicious action.

  • filename (string) – The name of the file to share with the recipient.

  • recipient – The username of the user with whom the file should be shared.

Return type

UUID, error


Do not forget that your design must satisfy all requirements, including:

  1. All Access Tokens requirements.

  2. All Sharing and Revoking requirements.