1. Grading and DeliverablesΒΆ

You may work with a single partner on Project 2. Teams may have no more than 2 members total.

Project 2 is worth a total of 150 points broken down as follows. Please see the links for the requirements of each deliverable.

  • Due: Friday, March 19th before 11:59pm PT (extended from March 12th)

  • Due: Friday, April 9th before 11:59pm PT


Just for fun, no project-relevant content in this box.

REGULUS banner

REGULUS guarantees availability when line of sight can be established between you and the moon. Requests to REGULUS may be processed when line of sight is unavailable depending on the availability of uplink proxies around the globe and conditions of the ionosphere.

We guarantee 0-60% uptime depending on the time of month, cloud cover and occurance of solar flares.