1.2. Test CoverageΒΆ

You must write tests for your client application in proj2_test.go. Your tests should verify correct functionality of the client, correct handling of erroneous inputs, and any security problems. Each test should be defined in a separate function.

Several basic functionality tests are already defined in proj2_test.go. Make sure that your implementation does not panic on these basic functionality tests. An implementation that panics on those tests will receive zero credit for the testing portion of the total grade.

To test your code, run the following command in your terminal at the root of the checked out Project 2 - Starter Code repository: go test -v.

Part of your testing score is determined by code coverage (the amount of the program that is exercised in your tests). Your tests will be run against the staff implementation of the client application. Many lines in the staff implementation are instrumented so that its execution will be a point towards your test score. A comprehensive test suite will have better coverage and will increase your score.

You can check your test score by submitting to the autograder on Gradescope at any time before the project deadline.