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Leak cs161’s session cookie

Difficulty: Medium

Because it is a special-purpose account, you won’t find cs161’s session token in the database. However, cs161 still sends a session_token cookie to the server with every request, so you might be able to leak cs161’s token using a different attack.

Your CS161 alumni ally has inserted some evil malware that lets you log arbitrary values to an internal dashboard. When you send a HTTP GET Request to the /evil/report endpoint and include a message parameter, the message is posted to the /evil/logs page. Try it by visiting the following URL in your browser!

Your task: Leak cs161’s session cookie by pushing it onto the /evil/logs page.

Tip: You may want to try this attack on yourself before executing it on another user.

Tip: You may find this block of JavaScript code useful:


Tip: You may assume the cs161 user will be browsing the main pages of the site in the background (e.g. home, list, upload, etc.).