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Getting Started

Your task is to find seven vulnerabilities in the UnicornBox servers. When you successfully execute an exploit, the status entry on your scoreboard will change from 0 to a timestamp, to indicate that you have received a flag. Your goal is to collect all seven flags.

If you are working with a partner, you need to acquire each flag on your own server to receive credit for it.

All your exploits will be done through a web browser. We strongly recommend Firefox or Chrome. To get started, open and log in with your Berkeley account.

On this splash page, you can view your progress and reset the server (see below). Note that all the vulnerabilities will be at the vulnerable server—there are no flags on the splash page.


Each group must submit writeup–two pages maximum, please. For each of flags 3–7 only, include a brief description (2–3 sentences) of how you acquired the flag, and a suggestion (a line of code or 2–3 sentences) for how to protect against your exploit.

Grading & Deliverables

  • 70 points for finding exploits (10 points for each flag). You do not need to submit anything, since flags are automatically registered on the server.

  • 30 points for the writeup (6 points for each of flags 3–7). Submit a writeup to Gradescope, and remember to add your partner if you worked in a group.

Additional Notes

  • The difficulty rating of each flag is based on students’ experience from past semesters. You might find some of the hard-rated flags easy, and some of the easy-rated flags hard. Feel free to work on them in any order you choose.

  • In case you break the vulnerable server beyond repair, you can reset the database used by the server and clear all stored files. Resetting will not clear your scoreboard progress.

  • Please do not DoS our server. None of the exploits require brute-force.